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Muzeul Apei din Floreşti

„Leonida Truță” Water Museum

Address: Avram Iancu Street, no. 425, Floreşti

Phone: (004) 0374-340.000

E-mail: [email protected]


The entrance and visit of the Water Museum is free but it can be made only after an appointment.         

Cluj Water Museum was inaugurated in 1992 by the County Autonomous Public Entity for Water – Sewerage from Cluj (the current Someş Water Company). The section in open air of the museum includes tubular materials which suggest the path of the drinking water from the source to the consumer and then the return of used water in nature. In the museum are found different documents, papers, photographs and technical plans, which certify the history of water and sewerage supply of Cluj city. The museum functions under the motto “Water is Life” and in the museum room is found an artesian well which supports this truth. This museum is the first and only Water Museum from Romania, one of the few of this type from the world.