Resorts/Mountain Tourism

Baile Cojocna

Cojocna Bays

       The Bays are found in the Eastern part of Cojocna commune, at 25 km from Cluj-Napoca. Old salt exploitations existed in the area. More saline lakes formed above the abandoned salt mines and their water gained therapeutic properties. Two of the lakes have been turned into bays, which are visited in the summertime and a covered pool with heated salt water functions in the winter. Besides the offered recreational possibilities, the bays are recommended for the treatment of illnesses such as: locomotive system disorders, chronic rheumatism, nervous system disorders, gynaecological diseases and chronic dermatitis.

   The resort has been modernized through an ample project of restoration and functional rearrangement, with European financing.

Baile sarate Turda

Salt Bays from Turda

    The salt water lakes from Turda are found on a salt massif. In the present day, there are more salt water lakes, the most important of which are Roman lake (pool) and Durgău lake, due to which the Salt Bays from Turda have been founded around 1840.

     Besides the lakes, in the vicinity of Roman pool is found a treatment centre which functions all year. It makes the most of the therapeutic properties of salt bays through treatments for various disorders such as: rheumatism, post-traumatic sequelae, nervous system disorders, peripheral circulation system disorders, chronic respiratory disorders, etc.

Parcul Balnear Toroc

Toroc balneal park

      The Balneal Park with the surface of 40.000 m2 was inaugurated in 2010 following the completion of a project with European funds. It contains: salt water lake with a surface of 1600 m2, exterior fresh water swimming pools for children and adults,  playgrounds for children, interior swimming pools for adults and children functioning all year long, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball grounds, etc.

Turism Balnear/Montan

Fântânele (Wells) Resort

      Fântânele Resort is a climatic resort of local interest, being found at a height of 1050 m, in Râşca commune from Cluj county, between Gilău and Vlădeasa Mountains, on the bank of Fântânele Lake.

     The major attraction of the area is the lake. Between 1970 and 1974, the villages found on Someş Cald valley have been moved, the people having to leave their households. In the droughty summers, when the lake flow rate is very low, the ruins of the church of Giurcuţa de Jos can be noticed.

Statiunea Baisoara

Băişorii Mountain Resort

       The resort is found at the foot of Muntele Mare (Great Mountain) from Apuseni Mountains, on the course of Iara river, at heights between 1200 – 1400 m, offering a vast view and a remarkable surrounding landscape.

     Baisorii Mountain Resort can be visited in any time of the year, offering recreational opportunities for spending free time in all seasons. In the winter, the biggest attraction of the area are the ski and snowboarding slopes. In the other periods of the year, the resort is visited due to the natural beauties it offers. The marked trails can be used for activities such as mountain cycling and hiking.