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Monumentul Mathias Rex

The Matthias Corvinus Monumental Ensemble

The Matthias Corvinus Monumental Ensemble is located in Unirii Square, the main central public place of Cluj-Napoca. King Matthias Corvinus (1443-1490) was one of the greatest kings of Hungary and was born in Cluj, being the son of the voivode Iancu de Hunedoara (1407-1456) and Elisabeth. The model of the monumental ensemble made by the sculptors Janos Fadrusz and Lajos Pakey, won in 1900 the grand prize of the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

The equestrian statue of King Matthias Corvinus is surrounded at the base by the representations of the four leaders of the Hungarian kingdom: Blasiu Magyar – commander of the Black Army, Ştefan Zapolya – the second man in the Hungarian state, Paul Chinese Coin -Timiş committee, Ştefan Bathory, voivode of Transylvania. In 1919, the historian Nicolae Iorga intervened to preserve the monument on its current location and placed a plaque on the pedestal stating the Romanian origin of the Hungarian king.