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Biserica Romano-Catolică „Calvaria” Cluj-Napoca

“Calvaria” Roman-Catholic Church

In Mănăştur neighbourhood, on a hill which in the medieval period dominated the entrance in the city from the West, we find what is left from one of the most important institutions of medieval Transylvania, the Benedictine abbey from Cluj-Mănăştur. The archaeological research carried out in this area proves the existence of a fortification from the 9th century.

Starting with the 11th century, the hill was fortified, being used the technique specific to the time, walls from earth and logs. Inside the fortifications, in the 11th century, the Benedictine abbey was built, which did not fall within the jurisdiction of the Roman-Catholic Episcopacy from Alba Iulia, but was directly subordinated to the Archbishop of Esztergom. The tartar invasion from 1241 destroyed the abbey, the only element which can be considered to belong to the Benedictine abbey being the lion on the South-Eastern wall of the present church.

The present church was built after 1896 and includes several elements of the churches from previous periods: the old gate of the church or a sun dial on which can be identified the name of Anton abbot. Around the church are found funerary monuments from the 16th – 19th centuries.