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Statuia lui Matei Corvin

“Sfântul Mihail” (Saint Michael) Roman-Catholic Church

St. Michael Church, that dominates one of the central squares of the city Piaţa Unirii (Union Square), is an important Gothic building from Transylvania. The church neo-Gothic tower together with the cross from its top have a height of 80 m.

The church construction dates from the time of Hungarian kings from Anjou dynasty, the beginning of the construction dating from 1316, in the time of King Carol Robert. The city reached a development which imposed the construction of such building and the chosen place was Piaţa Mare (Big Square) of the city instead of an older church. A document issued by the papal chancery from Avignon dates from 1349, in fact a so-called indulgence, by which it was promised the forgiveness of sins for those who offered donations to Sain. Michael Church.

In 1400, Pope Bonifacius IX issues a document by which he encourages all worshipers from Europe to support the construction of Saint Michael Church. The church will be finalized in 1442, as indicated by an inscription from the second abutment, at West from the Southern gate of the church.

One of the most important decorations of the church, the casing of the sacristy door dates from 1528 and is made in the late Renaissance style. Many meetings of the Transylvanian Diet were held and the princes Sigismund Bathory, Sigismund Rakoczi, Gabriel Bathory and Gabriel Bethlen were enthroned in this church.