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manastire cluj Mănăstirea ,,Sf.Ștefan Vodă” Vad - Cluj

“St. Stephen Vodă” Monastery of Vad

Vad Monastery is located in the commune with the same name, situated at about 12 km from Dej. In the 14th century, a monastery was built in Vad with the support of the Balc and Drag brothers, nobles from Maramureș. The ruins of this monastery, in the 15th and 16th century, with the support of the rulers of Moldavia Stephen the Great and Petru Rareș, the monastery served also as an episcopy.

The church dedicated to the “Assumption” was made of stone, in Gothic style, with elements of the Moldavian style. The geometric plan is a Moldavian triconch plan, divided into narthex, altar with lateral semicircular apses. From the original painting is preserved a small fragment representing the face of a saint; this fragment is found in the holy altar above the proscomidiary.

 The precinct was destroyed, leaving only the church from the original monastery. The church continued to function as a church of Vad village until 2012, currently the Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, at the initiative of His Eminence Andrei, decided to move the status to a monastery dedicated to “St. Stephen Vodă ”.