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Holy Trinity Monastery

“Sfânta Troiţă” Monastery of Feleacu

In the 11th century, in Feleacu village, located at about 8 km from Cluj-Napoca, a monastery was attested. According to historical research, the existence of a new monastery is identified in 1581 and functioned until the 18th century, when the Habsburg authorities decided to close it.

The re-establishment of the Holy Cross monastery was decided in 1991, when Archbishop Teofil Herineanu approved the request of the Feleacu community. The re-establishment of the monastery was not carried out on the old location, but in the middle of Feleacu village out of desire that the episcopal church of St. Paraskeva founded by the voivode of Moldova, Stephen the Great, be included in the new monastic ensemble.

The construction of the new worship place started in 1994 according to a project by the Cluj architect Ioan Arboreanu. The church is a monumental building made in the Moldavian style, with elements of Brancoveanu style. The monastic complex includes, in addition to the two churches dedicated to St. Pious Paraskeva and Holy Cross, a chapel dedicated to St. Voivode Stephen the Great of Moldova, a body of cells and a museum house. The house is a reconstruction of a house specific to the Feleac area from the 19th century and was built between 2008-2010.