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Castelul Kornis din satul Mănăstirea

Korniș Castle from Mănăstirea, Mica commune

On a terrace on the bank of Someş river near Dej, in Mănăstirea village, Mica commune, in the 16th century, Kristof Kereszturi built an important castle: Kornis Castle. Due to the stone statues in the form of unicorns, guarding the entrance to the castle, the castle is also known as the castle with unicorns.

Following the marriage between Korniș Boldizsár and Kristof Kereszturi’s daughter, the castle belongs to the young couple. The development of the castle is closely related to the Korniş family name, whence the name of the castle. During that period, the extension of the second floor was made, two bastions were added on the north side, the rooms of the castle were decorated as well as the access tower to the castle was rebuilt. The tower was protected by a water ditch, which is still preserved today. An icon sculpted in 1700, gave people faith that the Mother of God is the protector of the castle, this icon still exists today at the Dej Municipal Museum.

The last changes to the castle were made during the time of Kornis Zsigmond. During that period, two new octagonal bastions were added in the northern part of the castle, the tower at the entrance was rebuilt, and the rooms of the castle were redecorated with frescoes on the ceilings.

In case of danger and during the night, the suspension bridge at the entrance was lifted, therefore providing additional security to the castle.

After nationalization, impressive book collections (a library of about 9,000 volumes) as well as a real hunting museum were destroyed. The castle is private property, but it can be visited because it’s fenceless.