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Castelul Teleki din Luna de Jos, comuna Dăbâca

Teleki Castle from Luna de Jos, Dăbâca commune

Just 33 km from Cluj-Napoca, in Luna de Jos, Dăbâca commune, we can admire an old tower that once belonged to a beautiful castle built in Renaissance style, Teleki Castle. Its construction was started by the Transylvanian noble family Teleki, in the second part of the 17th century, being completed in 1700 by Pál Teleki (1677-1731).

The political orientation of the family attracts the retaliation of the imperial army that destroys the building, today only the old hunting tower with a height of about 35 m and part of the domain park can be admired. Thus, the material resulting from the demolition of the castle was used to build a wall of about 700 m long and one meter thick, which was intended to protect the new pavilion built in neoclassical style, arranged on two levels: ground floor and first floor.

Due to the over 500-year-old specimens of existing trees (oaks, beeches, chestnuts), the park around the tower is still an attraction for tourists.

Currently, the pavilion has a care and assistance center for helping the elderly with disabilities, protected by approximately 200 m kept from the old wall.