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Tailors' Tower

Tailors’ Bastion from Cluj-Napoca

The Tailors’ Tower or Bastion is one of the few fortification towers that were part of the Old Fortress of Cluj, built in the 15th century, the first documentary attestation dating from the time of the Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary. This tower was named after the fellowship of tailors which had the obligation to maintain and guard the city from that point, being the only tower of the fortress that has remained intact so far.

A series of frightening events have taken place here throughout history. The most notable is the killing of Baba Novac, former general of Mihai Viteazul. The war hero was captured by the hungarian nobles, after the battle of Mirăslau in 1601 and burned for alleged treason. His dead body was pulled on a spear and placed on Feleacului Road, near the bastion. A statue was created in his memory and placed in front of the bastion in 1975.

 In its present form it remained since the last great reconstruction between 1709-1711, made by the austrians, when over 150 stone carts were brought. The tower was also restored between 1956-1957, when the opening of a history museum for Cluj city was wanted, but the communist authorities from that time opposed it.

Recently restored, the Tower received a new purpose: “The Urban Culture Center”, which includes a literary café, a conference room and exhibition spaces.