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Biserica Ortodoxă ,,Sfinții Mihail şi Gavril” Turda

“Sfinții Mihail şi Gavril” (St. Michael and Gabriel) Turda Orthodox Church

In the centre of Turda municipality, on Andrei Şaguna Street, no. 2, on a land donated by the Romanian Church United with Rome, between 1926-1935 was erected a monumental Orthodox church in neo-byzantine style. The building was built according to the plans of the architect John Traianescu. The paintings and icons were completed in 1938 and are the work of two important painters of the time – Paul Molda and George Belizarie. The original project contained a painting that portrayed King Carol II in uniform of commandant of mountain hunters with the cape of the Order of Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave).

An original element is the bell tower, built as a fortified Oltenian tower – as homage brought to Prince Michael the Brave. Inside, is used the model of supporting the vaulting in Moldavian style, which has led to an opening in diameter of the central spire of 5,40 meters.