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Liteni Fortress

Liteni Fortress (Geczy Fortress, Lita Fortress) is a medieval fortress built at 3 km South-West from Liteni village on a cliff above Iara Valley. It is documentary mentioned in 1324 as “Castrum Leta”. It was a royal fortress, having an important military role in the area. The building has elliptical shape, with sizes of 22 m and 57 m. The access was made through a tower, in a precinct with fortlated walls and firing chambers.

The fortress had many owners, among the most important being Sigismund of Luxemburg, Ladislau Kan II and John Hunyadi. In 1562, during an attack, it was severely damaged following the explosion of the gunpowder warehouse from the basement of the fortress. In 1569 the ruins and associated forests from the proximity were offered to Geczy Janos who made again the fortress inhabitable, his descendents living here until the second half of the 17th century. The name of Geczy Fortress comes from this period.

The fortress was destroyed during the liberation fights of outlaws (1703-1711), lead by the prince Francisc Rákóczi II at the beginning of the 18th century.

Only the ruins of this fortress are preserved in the present, which can be visited, not being enclosed.