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Heltai House

The Heltai House is also called the Bocskai House because Stefan Bocskai, Prince of Transylvania, was born here. On the left wall after entering the gate there are several commemorative plaques reminding of these events, and in one of the halls of the building, there is the coat of arms of the prince sculpted in 1606 which is surrounded by the coats of arms of Transylvania and Hungary.

In the middle of the 16th century, Heltai Gaspar arranged here the first printing house in Cluj and one of the largest in Transylvania. He was a Lutheran preacher, originally Saxon, settling from Sibiu to Cluj. With his arrival in Cluj we can talk about the beginning of the religious reform in this city. Heltai was a true Renaissance scholar, also a translator, theologian, publisher, printer. He also built the first brewery in the city.

The building later belonged to Counts Teleki and Bethlen, between 1870-1890 it functioned as a post office building, currently being the Sapientia University rectory.