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Rhéedey Palace

Rhedey Palace

Rhedey Palace (corner of Union Square with Napoca Street) is named after the family who bought it in the early 18th century. Around 1500 there were four patricians houses, in their place being built the palace, in eclectic style. At that time, today’s Napoca Street was called Hay Lane, because at the end of the street there was a hay depot, that’s why it is also called “the house with chains”. The chains were used to protect the house from the hay carts that were passing in front of it.

Rhedey Palace links its name, through the ballroom, even to the history of the hungarian theater in Transylvania. A commemorative plaque mentions that in this place a first hungarian theater institution from Cluj was established, in 1792.

 In the 18th century, the house was unified with three other neighboring houses on Hay Lane (Napoca Street). At the same time, owner Rhedey Janos added another floor to the old building. On the frontispiece of the building, it is the Rhedey Janos coat of arms, with the initials RJ and the sign of the crown with nine vegetal branches, the sign of the “count” rank.