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Muzeul De Istorie Gherla

Gherla History Museum

Address: Mihai Viteazu Street, no. 6, Gherla

E-mail: [email protected]


In the present the museum houses over 18.000 pieces included in 5 collections. The permanent exhibition (arranged in three rooms) presents through the archaeological and documentary materials the evolution of human society from Palaeolithic until the 18th century. In the glass cabinets are inserted exhibits discovered in Gherla and in the limitrophe areas belonging to Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Dacian and Roman period, as well as those belonging to the Middle Ages. In the summer of 2006, the Roman and medieval lapidarium was varnished (arranged in the yard of the museum), which includes many stone monuments (columns, funerary stars, frames, bricks with inscriptions, etc). Two of the floor rooms bear the name of Francophone Room and Germanophile Room and they were decorated through the financial and material support from the cities Yzeure from France and Forchheim from Germany, cities associated with Gherla municipality. In these rooms are found traditional costumes from the two countries, besides a rich bibliographic material.

The History Museum from Gherla has a rich patrimony, the vestiges discovered in the area of the Roman camp being noticeable (coins, weapons, sculptures, a military diploma dated from 123 A.D.) and a series of documents that certify the settling of Armenians in this city.

The museum is currently closed, being relocated.