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"Alexandru Borza" Botanical Garden

“Alexandru Borza” Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1920 by Professor Alexandru Borza, a remarkable personality of romanian biology and is subordinated to the “Babeş-Bolyai” University. The garden occupies an area of ​​14 ha having various plant collections counting about 10,000 species. The space is divided into several sectors: ornamental, phytogeographic, systematic, economic and medicinal, each with its own specificity.

A special attraction is the Roman Garden, dominated by the statue of the goddess Ceres, by various archaeological pieces discovered in the Roman municipality of Napoca and is populated with plants that used to grow in the Roman gardens. Also, the Japanese Garden is organized in a traditional Japanese style and includes Japan-specific landscape elements. The area is landscaped with plants brought from the East.

Inside the Botanical Garden is located the Botanical Institute, the Botanical Museum and the University Herbarium, which houses 750,000 sheets of pressed plants from all regions of the globe.