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“Alexandru Borza” Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1920 by Professor Alexandru Borza and it is subordinated to “Babeş-Bolyai” University.

The garden spreads on a 14 ha area, having different collections of plants which sum up around 10.000 species. The area is divided in several sectors: ornamental, geography of plants, systematic, economical, medicinal, each with its own specificity.

The Roman Garden is dominated by the statue of goddess Ceres and by different archaeological pieces discovered in the Roman municipality Napoca, being decorated with a variety of plants which used to grow in the Roman gardens. The Japanese Garden is arranged in a traditional Japanese style and contains specific Japanese landscape items: an artificial lake in the middle of which there is a small island connected with the borders of the lake on one side through an arched bridge, at the end of which there is a sacred Japanese gate. The area is decorated with plants brought from the Orient.

In the precinct of the Botanical Garden there is also the Botanical Institute, The Botanical Museum and the University Herbarium which hosts 655.000 sheets of herbarium with plants derived from all the regions of the Earth.