Natural attractions

Cheile Turzii
Turda Gorge
Turda Gorge is found at 7 km from Turda municipality, has a length of approximately 2 km and a vertical display of approx. 200 m. It offers a wonderful karstic landscape: tall and steep cliffs, as well as sharp ridges for climbing activities with various degrees of difficulty.
cheile tureni
Turenilor Gorge
Turenilor or Turului Gorge, found in the vicinity of Turda Gorge, has a length of approx. 2 km, with tall walls, being “sculpted” by “Pârâul Racilor” (the River of Crawfish). Here can be found numerous fast-flowing waters and small waterfalls in the river bed, as well as slopes which multiple caves.
Bride's Veil Waterfall
The Bride’s Veil Waterfall
Răchiţele or Bride’s veil waterfall is a water fall in three steps, with a height of 30 meters, found in Apuseni Mountains at an altitude of approximately 1000 m. Due to the waterfall marmites, the water spreads in such a way that it looks very much like a white veil, which is also the reason behind its name.
Lacul Gilau
Gilău Lake
Gilău lake is a storage lake found upstream from the confluence of the rivers Someş Cald with Someş Rece (“Warm Someş” and “Cold Someş”), formed in 1972 following the building of the dam of the hydroelectric plant. It is one of the main recreational lakes in Cluj, with a surface of approximately 70 ha. One of the most important trout farms in the country is found downstream from the dam.
Circuite turistice
Drăgan Lake
Drăgan Lake is found at the confluence of river Drăgan with river Sebeşel. The dam provides the necessary flow rate for the hydroelectric plant from Remeţi, found in Valea Iadului (the Valley of Hell), it has a height of 120 m and the widest crowning opening in Romania. The area is uniquely picturesque with spectacular gorges between mountains, which favour off-road and mountain bike activities.
Beliş – Fântânele Lake
Beliș-Fântânele lake
Beliș-Fântânele lake falls within the category of artificial storage lakes, being located at the confluence of Gilău Mountains, Vlădeasa mountains and the Great Mountain (“Muntele Mare”). Fântânele tourist resort can be found on its banks. Between 1970 and 1974, in order to build the dam, the villages on the Valley of Warm Someş have been moved. In the droughty summers, when the flow rate of the lake is very low, the ruins of Church Giurcuţa de Jos can be noticed.
Lake Tarnița
Tarnița Lake
Tarnița lake is a storage lake located on the river “Someşul Cald”. It has a surface of over 200 ha and the existing dam is made of concrete in an arch shape, with a height of 97 m, with a crowning length of 232 m, having as main purpose the production of electricity. Various swimming or sport fishing contests are organized on the lake by sport associations.
Rezervaţia Naturală Lacul Ştiucii
Pike Lake
The Pike Lake is a protected area of national interest, located in Fizeşu Gherlii commune. The pike, the dominant fish species of the lake, gave the reservation its name. The reservation has an approximate surface of 57 ha, with reed thicket areas. This environment favoured the development of fauna and flora biodiversity similar as number of species to that from the Danube Delta.
Tureni Gorge
Muntele Băișorii Resort
The resort is located at the foot of Muntele Mare (Big Mountain) at heights between 1200 and 1400 m. In the winter, the biggest tourist attractions are the ski and snowboard slopes. In the other periods of the year, the resort is visited due to the natural beauties that it offers. The marked trails can be used for activities such as mountain cycling and hiking.