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cheile tureni

Tureni Gorge

Between Tureni and Copăceni villages, at a stone’s throw from the urban jungle, we can admire the wilderness of Tureni Gorge. Parallel with the Turzii Gorge, once part of the same rocky heritage dulled by time, the protected area of ​​Tureni Gorge captivates you due to it’s wild and deserted rocky landscape.

The Trăscăului Mountains, famous for their karst relief, shelter no less than 22 gorges, among which is also Tureni Gorge. It is a huge limestone rock, which was pierced by the Racilor Valley to the north, a valley that over time came to carve every rock’s corner so that we can enjoy a fairytale landscape.

The Turului Gorge, as the locals call it, are about 2 km long, but unlike the Turzii Gorge, these can be crossed both along the water and on the crest. If you choose the option to go along the water, the further you go towards the tightness of the rocks, the more waterproof your shoes must be, but also the route becomes more difficult.

For those who want to climb, these young rocks are a good start, because they are not very high and do not require much physical effort.

Although they seem crowded, if we look from the panoramic plateau, the limestone walls of the gorges hide around 29 caves. The landscapes are not defined only by the corroded rocks of rainy years or strong winds, inside the gorges we find many rapids of water and small waterfalls of about 1 meter perfect for a long exposure picture.

This area has little human touch and precisely because of this we can enjoy a wild but soothing landscape, walks through hornbeam forests, among hazelnut trees, poppy trees, hawthorn trees and other childhood fruit trees. Even if it doesn’t seem like a favorable environment, beauties are always hidden in hard to reach places. This happens also with the White Rock Carnation.

If the birds of prey have nests on the plateau above the Tureni Gorge, the fauna inside the gorges is home to numerous insects and amphibians such as the marsh bunting (Botaurus Stellaris) and the transylvanian newt.

The plateau of Tureni Gorge and even the indomitable forests are the perfect place for weekend getaways, climbing and even for taking impressive photos.