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Baciu Gorge mixed nature reserve

Baciu Gorge

Another protected area of ​​national interest, located a stone’s throw from Cluj-Napoca, are Baciu Gorge. They occupy an area of ​​about 3 hectares in the north part of Hoia Forest, the famous forest where unusual phenomena are supposed to take place but also whose load of mystery and paranormal attracts hundreds of tourists every year eager to discover the uniqueness of the place.

These gorges are surrounded by trees with special shapes that are part of the enigmatic attraction of Hoia Forest. And as the history of these limestones has its roots in the Eocene era, according to the Baciu commune documentation, the natural reservation formed after the excavation, over thousands of centuries, of those Eocene limestones by the Valea Lungă and Valea Popești streams, has a special geological, paleontological and botanical importance. Each part described above has its charm due to features such as geological – limestone cliffs, rocks, paleontological – fossil deposits, botanical or floristical – mixed forests, meadow vegetation and rocks.

Although the reservation is spread over a large part of the Hoia Forest territory , Baciu Gorge covers only 500 meters, with asymmetrical slopes. The southern part, which catches our attention from the first step, is a mixture of forests, grasses and rocky vegetation, arranged in a strange way, which leads many to consider that they are evidence of a supernatural presence. The northern part is rocky and steep, with the presence of fossil deposits and also perfect for small escalates for climbing enthusiasts.

Baciu Gorge is an oasis of peace that you can enjoy after only 10 minutes of driving. It was decided to keep this area as natural as possible, in order to remain a trace of wildlife close to the heart of the city and to always be an option for an escape from the exhausting environment of the urban jungle. Landscapes are a combination of wild and supernatural. Being a reservation very little touched by people’s hands, it never ceases to surprise you. Upstream of Baciu Gorge, at the edge of the forest, where only tireless hikers get, there is a small natural lake, not too deep, but which is like the icing on the traveler’s cake.