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The mixed natural reserve Turenilor Gorge

Turenilor Gorge nature reserve is located near Turda Gorges, between Tureni and Copăceni, Sănduleşti commune.

Turenilor Gorge or Turului Gorge is a mixed nature reserve (floristic, faunistic, landscape), with many caves, fast flowing waters and riverbed small waterfalls, as well as vortex (e.g. Bolboana Feţelor, Bolboana Şerpilor).

Regarding the flora there are present a series of plants such as rockflowers, shrubs, mountain garden pink and shrubs – hawthorn, hazelnut tree, hip rose, etc. The fauna is represented by insects, amphibians (bittern, Transylvanian newt), birds (swallow-hole, grey tomtit), etc.