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Zádielska gorge

The Turzii Gorges mixed nature reserve

Due to its scientific importance and wild beauties, the Turzii Gorges have acquired, at national level, since 1938, the status of natural reserve, later being included in the U.N.E.S.C.O.’s lists, among the most important nature’s monuments. It is a naturally complex reservation – geological, faunal, floristic, archeological and speleological.

The Turzii Gorges extend over approx. 3 km and have a wall height of up to 300 m. It is located at the eastern limit of the Trascăului Mountains, being carved by the Hășdate river. Tourists visiting this nature reserve are impressed by the wide variety of karst relief forms with over 60 caves, scree, rocky corners, passages from smooth paths to steep walls, from rock and scree to abundant vegetation.

The flora of the region includes over 1000 floristic species, among which the white carnation, the thyme, the variegated tulip, the bull’s eye, etc. Regarding the fauna, there are species of bats, fish (spined loach, chub), amphibians and reptiles (pond ox, crested newt, common viper), over 55 species of birds (nightingale, woodpecker), etc.

The Turzii Gorges are connected by a series of routes to other tourist attractions, such as Tureni Gorges, Ciucaș Waterfall or Borzești Gorges. Also, the gorges are famous for the many mountaineering and climbing routes, covering all levels of difficulty.