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Bride’s Veil Waterfall

Mixed type natural protected area “Apuseni Natural Park”

The first initiatives in order to form a park in this area belong to Emil Racoviţă, but the Apuseni Natural Park was established only in 1990. It extends over three counties (Alba, Cluj and Bihor). In 2009, during the “EDEN” Awards Gala in Brussels, the Apuseni Natural Park was awarded as tourist destination of excellence.

Apuseni Natural Park is a mountain area with varied relief forms, peaks, rocky cliffs, gorges, valleys, sinkholes, potholes, caves.

The vegetation is mostly specific to mountain habitats, with coniferous or deciduous forests, mixed forests, shrubs bush and meadow herbs or rocky grasses.

The fauna of the park is diversified and well represented by several species of mammals (bear, deer, black goat, wolf, otter, squirrel, hedgehog, field mouse, bat), birds (mountain rooster, mountain eagle, raven, hawk) fish (trout, nase, chub), reptiles and amphibians (lizard, viper, salamander).

Inside the park, on the Cluj county area, we meet some tourist objectives, such as The Bride’s Veil Waterfall, The molhas from the Izbucelor Valley, Beliș-Fântânele Resort.