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Biserica Reformat-Calvină Sic - Cluj

Sic Reformed-Calvinist Church

Sic represented in the medieval period one of the important area of Transylvania due to the salt mine. The importance that the Hungarian royalty gave to the community from Sic is also marked by the financial support that King Matei Corvin gave for the construction of the parish church. The church was dedicated to the Holy Spirit and is an architectural monument with features specific to the Gothic style.

During the Reformation, in 1555, a Synod of the Reformed Churches from Transylvania was held in this church, a Synod attended by the founder of the Unitarian confession Francisc David. This church was several times the cathedral of the reformed Calvinist denomination in Transylvania. It was restored several times, in the 15th-18th centuries, after the Tatar invasion of 1717 which seriously damaged it in the 2000s, now being restored to its former glory. The fragments of the 14th century fresco, the coffered ceiling, the pipe organ and the bells dating from the 18th century are the elements that give it a special value.