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Biserica Reformat-Calvină Sic - Cluj

Sic Reformed-Calvinist Church

The reformed-calvinist church from Sic dates from the 13th century. The church is erected with the help of King Matei Corvin and is dedicated to St. Spirit. The building is a monument of architecture with Gothic style-specific traits. During the period of the Reformation, the community of Sic has adopted the Calvinism confession. In 1555 in this church was held a Synod of Reformed Churches in which Francis David participated, the founder of the Unitarian confession.

In some chronological phases the church was also cathedral of the Reformed-Calvinist confession. It was restored several times in the 15th -16th centuries, in the 18th century after the invasion of the Tatars from 1717 that damaged it seriously and between 1946-1947.

Inside can be found fragments of fresco that are dated as belonging to the 14th century, a coffered ceiling, organ and bells dating from the 18th century.