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“Sfânta Maria” (St. Mary) Turda Roman-Catholic Church

The Roman-Catholic Church “Saint Mary” Turda

In the city of Turda is one of the important places for the history of Christianity in Europe: the Roman Catholic church “Saint Mary”. The building was built at the end of the 15th century, on the site of another older church. The style of construction is Gothic, on the buttresses from the south side there are several inscriptions with Gothic characters, like the years: 1478, 1489 and 1504.

The vault keys of the old church, from the 15th century, which keep the inscription “Cheile Sf. Petru 1472”, are located in the parish house. The first edict of religious tolerance in Europe was adopted in this church in 1568. By this decree, the Roman Catholic confession, the Lutheran confession, the Calvinist confession and the Unitarian confession are recognized as confessions accepted in Transylvania.