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Biserica Ortodoxa „Sfânta Cuvioasă Paraschiva” din Feleacu

The Orthodox Church “Saint Pious Paraschiva” from Feleacu

In the Feleacu village, 8 km from the city of Cluj-Napoca, on the road that connects the city of Cluj-Napoca and Turda, the ruler Stephen the Great of Moldova founded the archbishopric church “Saint Pious Paraschiva”. The church was completed during the time of Metropolitan Daniil, around 1488, and was for several decades the cathedral of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Church of Transylvania. Built in Gothic style, the church resembles those built in Moldova, with two portals of different types. One was on the west side of the church for women’s access, and the second was on the south side to facilitate men’s access to the nave.

Inside, there is a painting from the 18th century, the Gothic vault of the iconostasis being painted in fresco technique by the painters of the iconography school from Feleacu. The royal icons from Feleacu are painted by Nistor Zugravul, one of the masters of Byzantine painting in Transylvania, some of the icons being dated 1770. Starting with the 18th century, Feleacu became one of the important iconographic centers of Transylvania. Currently, in the church “Saint Pious Paraschiva”, religious services are held only occasionally, inside there is an impressive collection of icons on glass and a permanent exhibition with documents and traditional costumes of the Feleacu community.