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Pangarati Monastery

“Schimbarea la Faţă” Monastery of Cheile Turzii

In the area of ​​Turda Gorges, in the 16th century, a monastery known as the monastery on Mount Petrindului is attested. The head of Mihai Viteazul (1595-1601) is brought to this monastery in 1601, where a first funeral service is held. In the 18th century, there was a school in the monastery where the monks ensured the schooling of children from neighboring villages. This school practically ensured the survival of the monastery at the time when Transylvania was occupied by the imperial / Austrian army commanded by General Buccow.

During the 1848’s revolution, the monastery was destroyed, rebuilt in 1933, but during the Second World War, it was destroyed again. Since 1997, in the area where the former monastic hearth existed, was built the monastery dedicated to the Transfiguration.