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Biserica Reformată I

Dej Reformed Calvinist Church

The city of Dej was an important point on the map of medieval Transylvania due to the salt mine that has been exploited since the Roman Empire. The main church of Dej, the second parish church in this city, is documented for the first time in 1453. It was built with the support of Iancu de Hunedora and Matei Corvin. Originally a Roman Catholic church, during the Reformation it was in turn a Lutheran, Calvinist and Unitarian church.

During the reign of Prince Gabriel Bethlen, in 1612, the church became the property of the Calvinist confession and was renovated with the support of Prince George Rákóczi I. (1630–1648). It is a monumental building that preserves all the elements specific to the Gothic style: high church with buttresses and an interior vault dating from 1500. The tower on the west facade, coffered ceiling and carved pulpit are the architectural elements that give the church a special value.