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Cluj-Napoca Art Museum

Cluj-Napoca Art Museum

Address: Unirii Square, no. 30

Phone: (004) 0264-596.952; (004) 0264-596.953; (004) 0753-066.791

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


Schedule: Wednesday–Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00.


Established in 1951, Cluj-Napoca Art Museum had older patrimony collections: an art collection from the former Transylvanian Museum and especially the collection of “Virgil Cioflec” art gallery.

The museum is localized in Banffy Palace, built during 1774-1785 as a private residence of count Gheorghe Bánffy, governor of Transylvania, by the German architect Johann Eberhard Blaumann.

The National Gallery represents the permanent exhibition of Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, carried out in 21 rooms at the upper floor of the building. The patrimony of Cluj-Napoca Art Museum comprises over 13.000 valuable exhibits of Romanian and universal art (15th – 21st centuries), made of paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, decorative arts and documentary collections.