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Rezervaţia Naturală Lacul Ştiucii

„Pike Lake” Mixed Nature Reserve

The “Pike Lake” reservation is located in a wetland, in the western part of Săcălaia village, in the administrative area of ​​Fizeşu Gherlii commune. It is the deepest natural sweetwater lake of Transylvania, about 10 m. It was formed by dissolution and pressure-collapse, as a result of the lake basin location on a salt massif, originally having salt water. Due to the alluvial deposits on the slopes, the salt was isolated from the water by an impermeable layer of sludge, the process of dissolving the salt being stopped, and the water became sweet.

Pike Lake is the only lake in Transylvania on which plaur (floating reed islands) is formed, just like in the Danube Delta. That is why it was also called the Transylvanian Delta. The sweetwater lake, with an area of ​​26 hectares, is constantly fed by the streams and springs nearby. It is populated mainly with pike, but also with carp, perch and bream, we also find lake vegetation, which includes floating islands (plauri) covered with reeds. The reservation also hosts species of birds, including: the pond owl(Botaurus stellaris), the dwarf heron, the reed heron, the great owl, the screaming eagle, many species of butterflies as well as mammals (fox, deer, wild boar). It is also met the horned beetle, a rare species of invertebrate.