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Rezervații naturale Cluj

“The reeds from Sic” mixed nature reserve

The reeds from Sic are a natural reservation of avifauna type located in the Sic village, on the Fizeş valley, made of reeds, salt soil, steppe meadows, wet meadows, swamps, ponds, with reed and rush vegetation. They form a mosaic of ecosystems that support a special biodiversity. It is a complex nature reserve that includes distinct areas like: the reed massif of the Sicului valley, the marginal salt soil habitats, pastures and hayfields.

The reeds from Sic shelter and provides favorable conditions of survival for a great diversity of pond migratory birds, among which: the little crocodile, the pond owl (Botaurus stellaris), the grey heron, the coot, the egrets, etc.

The compact reed from the Coast valley and Sicului valley represents the reed massif with the largest surface in Romania, after the Danube Delta.