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Reformed Calvinist Church Huedin

Huedin, documented in 1332, has had the status of a city since the Middle Ages, being located on one of the important trade routes of Transylvania. The first church was built in the 13th century and belonged to the Roman-Catholic community. After the Reformation, the church has, until now, the Reformed-Calvinist denomination. The architectural ensemble is specific to the fortified churches from Ţara Călatei. The main body of the current church dates from the 14th century, in the following century the fortifications and the bell tower were added.

Currently, the most valuable elements it holds are the pulpit made in Gothic style, the pipe organ made in 1874 by the master Kolonics Itsván from the Szekler Fair and the coffered ceiling. The coffered ceiling was made by Lӧrincz Umilg from Cluj and has an astrological calendar painted on it. In the church we find some commemorative plaques reminiscent of the passage of some personalities through Huedin, such as the plaque containing the name of the poet Petӧfi Sándor.