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Muzeul de Etno - Arheologie și Istorie Prof. Aurel Bulbuc, Iclod

Prof. Aurel Bulbuc Iclod Ethno-Archeology and History Museum

Address: Iclod village, Iclod commune

Phone: (004) 0745-757.622

In the Iclod village area, since 1975, the history teacher and the director of the school in the commune, Aurel Bulbuc, managed with the help of specialists from the National Museum of History of Transylvania to discover important vestiges from the prehistoric and ancient period. In 1987, some of these discoveries were exhibited in a museum inaugurated in Iclod in a mansion that belonged to the Poruțiu family. To this exhibits was added the ethnographic collection of Professor Aurel Bulbuc. Currently, the collection is exhibited in the spaces of the Cultural Center located in the vicinity of the Iclod City Hall, and as a sign of appreciation for the teacher’s activity, the museum was named the Prof. Aurel Bulbuc Ethno-Archeology and History Museum.