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Drăgan Valley

Drăgan Valley

We always meet the most beautiful landscapes near lakes. Drăgan Valley is bordered by three geographical units: Vladeasa Mountains, Meseş Mountains and Huedin Depression. The name of Drăgan Valley it’s not just for an area but it’s also the name of a village that belongs to Poieni commune.

Only 65 km from Cluj-Napoca and 80 km from Oradea, the Drăgan River crosses the mountains and the above-mentioned depression in order to form, together with the Sebeșel River, the Drăgan Lake. This lake was formed due to the erection of a 120 m high dam, which has a crest opening of 422 m. After the construction of the dam, the area earned a special charm, being often chosen for the weekend getaways of the people that live in Cluj-Napoca and beyond.

Going through these areas you don’t know what is more important, the destination or the trip itself, because the mountain landscape, nature and the whole road come to seduce you, regardless of the season. The winding road to the dam leads us through the heart of the forests and hypnotize us with the beautiful landscapes that are part of the Apuseni Mountains treasure chest .

The area reveals its riches as soon as we leave the village of Drăgan Valley, in front of us rising the forested ridges, the mountain landscapes that take your breath away, so that, in the end, everything is crowned with the image of a great and peaceful lake.

And if all this seems insufficient, near Dragan Valley, also within Poieni commune, there is the Bologa Fortress.