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Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden

Botanical Museum

Address: Republicii Street, no. 42

Phone: (004) 0264-592.152

E-mail: [email protected]


Schedule: Monday–Friday: 9:00 – 15:00

The Botanical Museum is located at the ground floor of the Botanical Institute within “Alexandru Borza” botanical garden and functions with statute of academic collection since 1919.

Among the 6000 exhibits is also found the collection of palm tree seeds with approximately 180 species, “the champion seed” of the world of seeds being distinguished among them, with the weight of 16 kg. In two glass cabinets are exhibited anomalies in the growth of plants, malformations to trunks, branches, flowers or fruits, determined by the attack of viruses, fungi, insects or even plants. Among the most valuable and rich collections from the country of the botanical museum is also the dendrological collection which contains approximately 450 samples, with transversal sections both by indigenous wood essences (yew, fir tree, maple, juniper, cherry tree, sumac, walnut, hackmatack, etc.) and exotic ones (coconut tree, eucalyptus, ebony tree, carob, cedar, camphor tree, etc.).