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Bride's Veil Waterfall

Bride’s Veil Waterfall

Răchiţele Waterfall, also known as Bride’s Veil Waterfall, is located on Stanciului Valley, in the area of ​​Răchițele village in Mărgău commune.

Located at an altitude of about 1000 meters, the waterfall presents a fall of water of about 30 meters in three steps. Due to the deep pots at the top of the waterfall, the water disperses in the form of a wonderful white veil, from where the name of the waterfall comes from.

To her name is also linked a legend that recalls a bride, who would have fallen off a steep rock, where the waterfall is currently located, her veil clinging to the rocks and covering them. In the place where the bride fell, it is said that all the wedding guests would have gathered, their tears forming the waterfall.

In winter, the rocky wall freezes, making it an excellent place for ice climbing for those passionate about this sport. Also, in the surrounding area, other leisure activities can be practiced, such as: fishing, paragliding, rock climbing, hiking, ATV rides, photographic art and many more.