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Széki Palace, Cluj-Napoca

Szeky Palace

The building is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the Cluj modern era. It was designed by the Budapest architect Samu Pecz in the secession style of the late 20th century, being a combination of several styles – baroque, gothic, neo-gothic. This style is also called eclectic or empire.

The palace was the residence of Miklos Szeky, a pharmacist from Cluj, university professor, who decided to build this palace, on the ground floor of which he opens a pharmacy, which still works today. The palace was put into use in 1893.

The ground floor and basement of the palace are covered with limestone slabs, and the floors with exposed brick. On the main gate we find a rich ornamentation, panels in diamonds and rosettes shapes, neo-Gothic motifs, acorns and oak branches and the monogram of the owner “SzM”, framed by oak leaves.