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Biserica Piariştilor Cluj

Piarists’ Church

The year 1700 marks the era of Catholic counter-reform in Europe. In the Habsburgic Empire, within the jurisdiction of which falls also Transylvania principality, the predominant style of church architecture becomes Baroque style. The first Baroque building from Transylvania, a monumental church, which faithfully complies with the characteristics of this style, was built by Jesuits between 1718 and 1724. In the present, this is in Cluj-Napoca, on Universităţii Street.

The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, a building with a severe facade dominated by two towers. The interior is structured in a unique nave from which more chapels are detached. Above the altar we find an icon of St. Mary covered in metal. In 1773 Pope Clement XIV dissolves the Jesuitic order and the Queen Maria Theresa transfers the building to the Piarist order.