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„Cetăţuia” (Fortress) Park

The Fortress is the place with the most beautiful panorama of Cluj-Napoca and an important belvedere tourist point. Located at an altitude of 405 m, it has the appearance of a plateau on which the first Vauban-type fortification in Transylvania was built by the Habsburgs in the 18th century. The fortification was also used as a prison, especially during the Revolution of 1848, where the well-known saxon pastor Stephan Ludwig Roth, one of the heroes of the Revolution, was imprisoned and executed.

Part of the walls, a few buildings and two gates have been preserved from the fort. In 1995, it was built up on the hill, a monument in the form of a cross, dedicated to the “Heroes of the Nation” – martyrs of the Revolution of 1848.

As facilities, the “Cetăţuia” Park offers a sports field, free access fitness equipment, walking alleys and a terrace with bar. Also, as a landmark on the Citadel of Cluj is Belvedere Hotel, a massive building that is visible from many areas of the city.