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Biserica Ortodoxa

“Sfânta Treime din Deal” (Holy Trinity on the Hill) Orthodox Church

The first church of the Orthodox denomination located near the walls of Cluj is the ”Holy Trinity on the Hill” Orthodox Church, situated today on the street of the Orthodox Church. The place of worship was built between 1795-1796 and its history is related to the presence in Cluj, starting with the 18th century, of some families of Macedonian – Romanian merchants. In 1788 the merchants Ienache Mavrodin and Ioan Constantin made a first request to Count Ádám Teleki to allow them to build a church, the nearest church being, at that time, in the Someșeni area. A second request was approved on February 14, 1790. Architecturally, the church resembles Bob Church, having similar dimensions. The most valuable work of art in the church is the iconostasis. It is the work of a very well-known church painter of the time, deacon Constantin Zugravul, and was donated by Romanian merchants from Brașov for the Orthodox community in Cluj.

The Holy Trinity on the Hill Church is linked to one of the most important moments in the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church: the installation after 100 years of the first Romanian Orthodox bishop in Transylvania in the person of Vasile Moga, in 1911. In 1921 in this church was installed Nicolae Ivan, Bishop of Vadul Feleacul and Cluj and the church became between 1921-1932 the Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral.