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Colecția Etnografică Kallós Zoltán

Kallós Zoltán Ethnographic Collection

Address: Răscruci village, Bonțida commune

Phone: (004) 0746-309.057

E-mail: [email protected]


Schedule: Tuesday–Sunday: 09:00 – 16:00 

The collection, located in the center of Răscruci commune, is the result of the ethnographer Kallós Zoltán activity, who tried to offer an extensive image of the cultural heritage of the various ethnic communities in the Transylvanian area. The treasure is composed of a number of 6000 elements that illustrate the life of the Hungarian community in the Transylvanian Plain, Ghimeș area, Ţara Călatei, of the Csango community in Moldova as well as of the Romanian and Saxon communities in Transylvania.

The exhibition space is divided into 12 rooms, in which there are elements of folk costumes, furniture, metal and wooden objects specific to the daily life of the four mentioned communities, a library, as well as an archive of traditional music records.

More information can be consulted by accessing the link