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Ansamblul monumental de la Tăușeni

The Monumental Ensemble from Tăușeni

Address: Tăușeni village, Bonțida commune

The idea of creating this concept started in 1994, with the launch of a project competition for Contemporary Art. The ensemble “Signs to the sky for rain and rainbow” today, was created over the years, starting from the arrangement of the space destined for the monumental complex, to the placement of the component “signs” in their final form.

Located on a hill in the native village of the author Alexandru Chira, the monumental ensemble originally entitled „Installation for remembrance, for suggesting rain and rainbow”, delights our eyes with 18 subassemblies. To find out the meaning of each subset, to enter the author’s mind and understand the idea of creating each work, you can access the link

If we made you curious, do not hesitate to visit the open-air museum, where you can admire all the exhibits that are part of this project. It is located in the village of Tăușeni, Bonțida commune, about 40 km from Cluj – Napoca. The entrance is free, and when climbing, visitors will be greeted by an exhortation from the author: “Remember, climbing this hill bring with you a cup or a cup of spring water, empty it into the Fountain of the Mirror. The water of the spring will meet the water of heaven and together – the depths of the earth and the sky – will give birth to the ladder of the rainbow, of the last ascension ”…;