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     For more touristic information, please visit us at our office on 21, Memorandumului Street.
Monday – Friday:  08:00 – 16:00
Saturday, Sunday:  09:00 – 17:00


You can also contact us at:
Phone: +40 264-450.410; +40 788-100.209
 E-mail: [email protected]
 Cluj Tourism APP: 

The Cluj County National Centre for Touristic Information and Promotion advertises about the Romanian touristic potential via:

  • informing the Romanian and foreign tourists on the touristic goals, natural attractions and touristic areas of the Cluj County;
  • presenting accommodation, as a free of charge service;
  • providing information on the possibilities of booking travel tickets;
  • promoting touristic destinations in the online environment via the website, by Cluj Tourism APP and the social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube);
  • general information on the touristic offer by producing and distributing information materials – albums, brochures, leaflets; 
  • offering free guided tours in the historic centre of Cluj-Napoca; 
  • providing information on the competent authorities who deal with complaints recorded locally, as to the quality of the touristic services.

In order to get to the Turda Salt Mine, you can go either by your own car, a rented car, or by using means of public transport.

If you choose the last option, you can travel from Cluj to Turda by one of the minibuses of the Fany company. The starting point is in Cluj from Mihai Viteazu Square, according to the schedule listed in

The last stop is in the centre of the Turda town, from where you can take a taxi to the main entrance, or walk to the town’s entrance (the old entrance in the salt mine).

Cluj is the place where something always happens. Every day you can explore new things and participate in a variety of events.


1. There are several options to reach the Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj  no. 149, Traian Vuia Street:

2. There are several options to reach the CFR Cluj-Napoca Train Station no. 1-3, Railway Station Square Street:

3. In the Cluj County, you can find 3 bus stations: FANY Coach Station and BETA Coach Station, both being located on 1-3 Giordano Bruno Street and SENS-VEST Coach Station located on the Railway Street.

There are several options to get to FANY Coach Station or BETA Coach Station – 1-3, Giordano Bruno Street:

In order to get to the SENS VEST Coach Station, you can use:

Contact details of taxi companies in Cluj-Napoca:

  • Nova Taxi: (004)  0264-949
  • Napoca Taxi: (004) 0264-953
  • Diesel Taxi: (004)  0264-946
  • Daniel Taxi: (004) 0264-947
  • Pritax Taxi:  (004)  0264-942
  • Terra&Fan Taxi:  (004)  0264-944
  • ProRapid Taxi:  (004)  0264-948
  • Clima & Confort Taxi:   (004)  0264-943
  • The Good Cab Taxi: (004) 0264-914

Contact details of taxi companies in the Cluj County:

Câmpia Turzii

  • Patri Taxi: (004) 0264-368.860
  • Radio Taxi: (004) 0264-368.806


  • Marovi Taxi: (004) 0264-206.000


  • Plus Taxi: (004) 0264-922


  • Travel Taxi: (004) 0264-966


  • Cantatur Taxi: (004) 0264-945
  • Radio Taxi: (004) 0264-315,355

Also, in Cluj-Napoca, the ridesharing services of Uber, Bolt can be used as alternatives.

The calendar of the statutory holidays in Romania:

  • January 1st, January 2nd — the New Year
  • January 6th — Baptism of the Lord – Epiphany
  • January 7th — the Holy Prophet John the Baptist
  • January 24th — the Romanian Unification Day
  • Good Friday, the first and the second day of the Orthodox Easter
  • May 1st — the Labor Day
  • June 1st — Children’s day
  • The first and second day of the Pentecost
  • August 15th — Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • November 30th — Saint Andrew
  • December 1st — Romania’s National Day
  • December 25 th, 26 th — Christmas days

There are two main types of transport lines:

  • urban lines, running across Cluj-Napoca
  • metropolitan lines, which connect the city with different places in the Cluj County

The Public Transport Company in Cluj-Napoca offers the opportunity to purchase tickets / cards commuting with public transport (urban lines and metropolitan lines), using various methods:

  • buying from kiosks located in the bus stations;
  • using the ticketing systems from the bus stations;
  • SMS;
  • using WALLET mobilpay app;
  • using 24pay app;
  • or using a contactless bank card.

More information can be found on the website Rates Section.

It is also possible to purchase subscriptions. In order to view the available options, please click on the link and select the subscription according to your needs:

Information regarding the schedule and routes planning for the public transport can be found at: Timetables section.

An important aspect to be specified is the extended program of the 25N line, which runs on the Bucium – Unirii Street route, according to the schedule: