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USAMV Aquarium Complex

Address: Calea Mănăștur Street, no. 3-5, Cluj-Napoca

Phone: (004) 0264-596.384, (004) 0740-393.640

E-mail: [email protected]


Schedule: Tuesday-Friday 10:00-16:00

The permanent exhibition presents various creatures representative of wetlands and aquatic environments, as well as aquariums with over 70 species of fish, amphibians and plants, both from Romania and from different geographical areas of the world. The central aquarium, with a volume of 20,000 liters, houses fish species of considerable size found in the natural waters of Romania, including rare and protected species such as sturgeons, as well as cultured fish species, such as planktonophagous fish and carp of various breeds. The small exotic fish in the collection stand out for their abundance, color and behavior, populating a number of 15 aquariums with volumes between 200 and 2,000 liters.