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Gherla Memorial

Address: Cărămizii Street, no. 2A, Gherla

Phone: (004) 0723-360.582

E-mail: [email protected] 


On the map of the Romanian Gulag, Gherla is one of the prominent places. Thousands of people, including personalities of the interwar Romanian elite, were imprisoned, and some of them lost their lives in the Gherla prison.

To honor the memory of those who suffered in Gherla during the period of political detention, ÎPS Father Archbishop and Metropolitan Andrei took the initiative to build a memorial. In this regard, the Gherla Memorial Association and the Holy 40 Martyrs Monastery were established to include the memorial complex. It is built on Cărămidăriei Hill near the city of Gherla, in the area where there was a mass grave where those who lost their lives in prison were thrown.