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Transylvania Steampunk Museum

Address: Ștefan O. Iosif Street, no. 4, Cluj-Napoca

Phone: (004) 0364-737.247


Schedule: Monday-Sunday 12-21

Steampunk Transylvania is the first museum dedicated to steampunk aesthetics in Europe, which awaits the curious to discover the secrets of some worlds that until now could only be found in the books of Jules Verne.

Futuristic yet retro at the same time, Steampunk is a truly unique genre as it combines 19th century aesthetics and technology with elements of science fiction. The literary and audiovisual works based on this concept take place in an alternate reality where technological progress is based not on electricity, but on the steam engine.

The museum spans two floors, and once you step behind the curtain, you enter a completely different world than the usual one. Part of the decor is part of the permanent collection, but periodically, the museum administrators have proposed to present other exhibits as well.