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Statuia Lupa Capitolina din Cluj-Napoca

The statue of Lupa Capitolina

The statue of Lupa Capitolina is one of the symbols of the Italian Republic capital, the city of Rome, which represents the mythological founders of this city. After the recognition of the Romanian unitary national state by the Treaty of Versailles, in 1921, the Italian state donated two copies of this statue: one for the city of Chisinau and another for the city of Cluj.

During the horthyste administration of Cluj, which followed the Vienna’s dictate, the statue was moved to Sibiu, returning to Cluj after the Second World War. In 1967, at the proposal of Professor Constantin Daicoviciu, it was placed in front of the “Babeş-Bolyai” University headquarters, in 1973 it returned to Union Square and, after being restored by the National History Museum of Transylvania, it was located on Eroilor Boulevard. The sculpture is made of bronze, and on the pedestal appears the Latin inscription: “Alla Citta de Clvj, Roma madre, MCMXXI”.