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“Solomon” Gherla Armenian Catholic Church

Solomon Armenian Catholic Church, located in Cloşca Street, was built between 1723-1724, is dedicated to the Annunciation and it is the first stone church in Gherla. The building is a mix of styles that is based on the late Gothic. The entrance portal is carved in stone, with decorations of end of the 15th century, the beginning of the 16th century, flanked by two Baroque statues. One of the statues represents St. Sylvester, pope of Rome, and the other one represents St. Gregory the Enlightener (240-332)-the one that baptized the Armenians. Currently the church has three altars. In 1908 there were placed two commemorative plaques that recall those who have tombstones in the church: the brothers Solomon Simai and Bogdan Simai with their wives, the apostolic vicar Mihail Theodorovich.