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UBB Casa Universitarilor

Academic College – House of University Men

The Academic College or University House, as it is also known, was built on the foundation of the oldest theater building in Transylvania. In the 1930s the original building had reached an advanced level of degradation, so the decision was to demolish and replace it with a new building meant for various academic activities. It was built between 1934-1937, according to the project of the architect George Cristinel, with flat surfaces and the lack of ornamental elements, with an air of monumentality characteristic to the 20th century American architecture. The inner courtyard is bordered by arches and separates the two bodies of the building.

The inauguration of the building was made in the presence of King Carol II, the building also receiving the name of King Carol II College. Later, in the 1940s, it was known as the King Matthias ‘Students’ House, and since the communist years it has been called the University House. Today, the official name of the building is the Academic College.