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     Cluj county, covering an area of approximately 6.700 square kilometres, is located in the Northwestern part of Romania, within the contact area of three natural units: Apuseni Mountains, Someşan Plateau and Transilvania Plain. Preserving prominent historical legacies and specific Transylvanian influences, places here distinguish themselves by diversity and extent, remaining imprinted in the memory of all who explore them.

     Cluj is among the most active counties in the cultural sector, being endowed with a valuable patrimony, an established reputation in education and culture, as well as prestigious institutions. The richness of monuments and historical spots, as well as the architectural and traditional heritage, most of all these included in the national circuit, stand for a certain and permanent tourism resource.

     Furthermore, Cluj county benefits of a high touristic potential, reflected in a wide range of leisure activities: backpacking, mountain-climbing, balneary treatment, winter and summer sports or youth camps. All these attractions of Cluj county qualify it as an ideal destination which offers multiple possibilities, both for spending free time, as well as concerns business development within various areas of activity.

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